In the world of coaching there are lots of options, in terms of how you choose to rise to your challenges. In the coaching process, I work with the person who wants to create success in different aspects of their business and life and is facing challenges to achieving their goals.

People come to me with a challenge and I help them find a way to solve it.

Coaching Taster Sessions: Through a series of questions, I can help you assess what your challenges are, identify where your sticking points are and create a plan of action for future sessions.

Ongoing sessions: If you have a big challenge that is blocking you, I help you get the certainty, insight and control to move towards achieving your goals even if they feel insurmountable. We will do this through greater self-awareness, developing your own tools and methods and committing to action. We do this through regular sessions every 3-4 weeks over 5-6 months with agreed action points in between.

Long term support: Once you see what is possible when I help you overcome those big challenges, and if the scope and scale of what you’re going to be faced with is complex and needs further support, we work together for a 12 month or longer period, and overcome obstacles together along the way.