“I didn’t know what to expect but the three members of my team who each received one on one coaching with Elizabeth reported massive leaps forward in terms of their focus, confidence, mindset and performance”
Business Owner, Manufacturing

“Elizabeth encouraged me to look at things in a different way and helped me to see how I view myself and my team”
Sales Manager, Manufacturing

“My coaching sessions with Elizabeth gave me time out to just think, and a confidence boost to keep striving to achieve my goals”
Customer Service Manager, Manufacturing

“Over a period of six coaching sessions I felt my self-confidence grow immensely.  Elizabeth was excellent at asking the right questions to help me find the right answers for myself”
Manager, Arts & Entertainment

“Working with Elizabeth has been a revelation.  Each session is productive and ends with a clear way forward on those most difficult and troublesome of challenges.  Over a period of six sessions I find I have grown significantly into my role and have a clearer understanding of the best ways forward”
Chief Executive, Charity

“Elizabeth listens very carefully and then over each session reviews progress drawing out the important elements calmly challenging you to think about them in a different, much clearer and focussed way, enabling you to develop your own strategies that improve personal performance”
Director, Charity

“Returning to work was a daunting prospect, I had been off sick having had a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Coaching sessions opened my mind to thinking about the way situations are handled and how best to reach the desired outcome.  The sessions were delivered in a professional manner but always in a relaxed and safe environment.  Elizabeth works hard to make you think and talk about particular challenges that have arisen and I gained a greater understanding of my own abilities”
Training Manager and Cancer survivor.

“Elizabeth is one of those people that you want on your side. From the moment you enter into the coaching interaction with her, you feel secure and supported but in a way that won’t allow you to hide from anything! Elizabeth has a steely determination to provide the most challenging coaching opportunity for her clients balanced with a nurturing, completely non-judgemental approach. Her immense professional experience gives her a natural gravitas, helpful with even the most reluctant of clients. Elizabeth’s style ensures that trust is built quickly and this gives her permission to delve into the heart of the issue. As a result, issues can be fully explored to ensure that the meaning is understood from new learning and that significant positive steps forward can be made your own time”
Business Owner, Learning and Development